Electronic signature of an ATC certificate and verification thereof

Electronic signatures for more document security

With the technical possibilities of digital document processing it is easy to scan paper documents and then change them. Even manual signatures and stamps such as those used in traditional diagnostic certificates do not help here. 

Instead, we use electronic signatures that are "attached" to our PDF certificates. Anyone who has such an original PDF certificate from us can check its integrity using the Sign-Check function on our website. Call function

The signed PDFs are therefore ideal for placement on your own website, where an animal with all its characteristics is described. If a link to the sign-check function is added, the test results can be made available in a trustworthy manner and will enhance your online representation.

In the non-digital practice, the printed PDF certificate can be presented to an interested party and the PDF can be sent to the person who wants to check its originality by e-mail, supplemented by a link to the sign-check function. In this way he can convince himself via SignCheck that the original has been submitted.

The widely used PDF reader from Adobe offers a further possibility for verification: 

Verification with AdobeReader®

Intro: The AdobeReader does not recognize our signatures without being taught that they exist. To do this, our signature must be integrated into the program.

This requires only a few steps, which are described in the YouTube instructions.

The instructions do not only apply to the signature of the ATC certificates, but generally to the addition of electronic signatures in Adobe Reader®. 

Detailed instructions in YouTube (german language only): Open link

Quick guide on YouTube (german language only): Open Link Quick Guide

Since Adobe Reader® does not know our signature without this procedure, the message "There are problems with at least one signature" appears. 

This means that Adobe Reader has found an embedded electronic signature in the document, but cannot yet evaluate it.

The videos show how to "get to know" the document.

If Adobe Reader® does not display a signature, it is NOT the original we issued.

In this case, please contact us so that we can compare the contents of the document with the original data.