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Generatio Sol. GmbH and CAG GmbH – Center for Animal Genetics merge

Press release Feb 28th 2020

Generatio Sol., the independent veterinary institute for molecular genetics from Heidelberg, merges with CAG - Center for Animal Genetics, Tübingen.

The combined know-how sets new standards in the genetic analysis of animals. 
Breeders' associations, breeders and animal owners will receive the entire service portfolio of molecular genetic diagnostics and Internet-based population management at the highest level.

Generatio Sol. GmbH is the leading provider of solutions for the continuous monitoring of breeding populations to determine identity, ancestry and hereditary diseases. 

With its proprietary DNA programs and the 'Animal Trust Center', Generatio covers the entire life cycle of an animal, from birth to breeding selection and links the data across the generations. The oldest Generatio programs have been running for 20 years; customers are the largest dog breeding associations (SV, DTK, DRC and others), but also individual breeders, veterinarians and interested animal buyers. In addition to the routine programs, Generatio is a partner in research activities and organizes large field studies via the Animal Trust Center platform

CAG - Center for Animal Genetics is a company of CeGaT, one of the leading providers of Next-Generation-Sequencing (NGS) solutions of all sizes in Europe. 

In many areas of human genetics, CeGaT's outstanding data quality is the basis for working with DNA data. At CAG the proven scientific expertise in the animal sector is demonstrated with the ability to carry out all projects where modern DNA-analytical methods are required. In routine diagnostics and for carrying out scientific questions, CAG has been a recognized partner since 2014 and has its own test offerings in equine diagnostics, which are exclusive in Europe, such as the examination of PSSM2. 

Unique services for unique animals

The collection and analysis of genetic information is an increasingly important key technology in animal assessment. Whether for breeding selection, for individual health checks or to ensure identity, the reliability of the data is always crucial. With high scientific competence, Generatio and CAG offer excellent diagnostics combined with unique IT solutions. Solutions are available for all process steps, starting with the sampling system 'GOcard', all forms of individual DNA-typing, up to the "digital animal record". In this record, important data on each animal is collected, evaluated and enriched with relevant information. The particular strength lies in the specially developed programs for the use of DNA data for tracing, parental identification, mating evaluations and optimized breeding partner search. 

 "We provide the customer with important and comprehensible information tailored to each animal. Reliable analyses and targeted evaluation are indispensable tools for health assessment, the value of the animal, population maintenance and breeding success in our time," says Managing Director Dr. Eberhard Manz.  


Generatio Sol. GmbH and CAG GmbH merge to form Generatio GmbH

The new company is an innovative institute for animal genetics under veterinary management with a focus on molecular diagnostics and DNA data processing. 

As an independent, international expert in providing reliable, unambiguous DNA analyses, Generatio provides valuable information tailored to the animal. With the 'digital animal record' and the 'Animal Trust Center', Generatio is able to draw conclusions and forecasts for each individual animal, to collect data about the animal, and to manage, evaluate and enrich this data over many generations. Generatio is committed to population preservation and animal welfare; its sound scientific approach makes the company a future-conscious partner for pet owners, breeders and breed clubs - especially for dogs and horses.

Contact - Generatio

Heidelberg:  Dr. Eberhard Manz, Geschäftsführer/CEO

Blumenstr. 49
D-69115 Heidelberg
Fon +49-(0)6221-38935-35
Fax +49-(0)6221-38935-31

Tübingen: Dr. Dirk Biskup – Geschäftsführer,  Dr. Melissa Cox - wiss. Leitung

Paul-Ehrlich-Str. 23
72076 Tübingen
Fon: +49 (0)7071 565 44 850
Fax: +49 (0)7071 565 44 56